One man had a dream and a passion and it revolved entirely around music.  In his early teens Roy could not get enough of playing his music and refining his skills as a working DJ.  Before long he was playing at every party in Johannesburg and fast earning a reputation of excellence in the industry.  Roy held on to his dream of one-day running his own DJ business and instilling in his DJ’s the same enthusiastic passion that he had developed for music. 

 Many years ago, on a warm summer evening at the Johannesburg Country Club, the first STARRY NIGHT seed was sewn.  Roy played music for a wedding party there with so much passion and enthusiasm.  The guests at the party danced all evening until they were almost dropping with exhaustion and revealed that they had never had so much fun in all their lives.  Roy found himself in the height of demand after that one party as people began to talk about him and the word spread.  It was from that moment on, that Roy never looked back and the STARRY NIGHT dream was born. 


The roots of our business have been sewn from seeds of pure passion that have laid down solid foundations for us that have enabled us to branch out and rise above our competitors.  It is our business strategy to endorse new and innovative ideas and exciting concepts that keep us ahead of others in the industry. For STARRY NIGHT, positive feedback from clients and word of mouth recommendations have cultivated a huge harvest of success for the business which has enabled us to grow from a single DJ to a strong, dynamic business supporting over fifteen DJ’s and still growing.


Experience is everything in this industry but it comes with many years of hard work and dedication. Roy has been presenting discos since the 1990’s and there is nothing he does not know about the music business.  Roy ‘s passion for music means that despite managing his business, he also believes in having his hands-on deck all the time. This is why Roy is still an active working DJ. This means that all his DJ’s learn from Roy’s invaluable experience which enables them to individually sharpen and refine their own skills. 

Team of professional DJ’s. We at STARRY NIGHT have a loyal core group of DJs which have been with us for several years. They all are passionate about music and love their work. As our business expands, we do recruit new DJs but these new recruits are initiated by the team with a lengthy training programme and have the advantage of working with our top DJ’s.  Better still, all of them undergo direction, training and supervision from Roy who inspires them to be the best that they can be in every aspect of their lives.  The STARRY NIGHT feedback reports from our clients always affirm that our DJ’s are successful in achieving their goals and making every occasion a memorable and successful event. Other companies have a high turnover of DJs but this personnel approach really gives us an edge over them. 

Client personalised consultation. At STARY NIGHT we encourage our clients to visit us at our Sandton offices which is conveniently located around the corner from Sandton City.  At STARRY NIGHT we believe our consultation will ensure that the personal needs and individuality of our clients are covered extensively and no details are overlooked.  Roy provides his clients with a not to be missed presentation where he introduces them to a wide variety of musical choices and alternatives. This is one of the reasons why the meeting at the STARRY NIGHT offices is so imperative.  Roy will be able to determine from your culture, personality type, your musical tastes and preferences exactly what type of DJ you will require for your function. This means that the most suitable DJ will be allocated for your event. 


Our specialty is Wedding, Corporate, Birthday, Matric dances, Silent Disco and Karaoke events.  We have been organising and DJing for hundreds of events since the early 1990’s. We play a wide variety of music that includes virtually everything.  Our job is to play the music you want to hear, the music your guests want to hear, and the selections that will keep people dancing.  This is your day, so you will have as much control of the playlist as you would like.


It is extremely important for the bride and groom to be involved in the choosing of the music. This is why we provide a Client Information Sheet (CIS) for you to fill out. We also would like to have a list of your favourite say 20 or more songs. This is how we know what music you desire for your wedding reception.